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I've have had to change the setting on my lj cause I'm tired of all the spam I've had posted on my stories that I've written.  So as of today the only people can post a comment on my Lj are my  friends.  Maybe in the near future I will be comfortable to change it back.  I might not be on here all the time but every comment posted I view.  So as my picture above says Spammers get out and  leave your comment out of my lj or I will seek my vampire on you. :p Thank you for understanding.

I'm Back

I'm back.  Over the next few weeks I will be slowly updating my journal.  Fixing photos and maybe will be posting new stories in the new year.   I have not stopped writing while I have been away.  I slowly trying to focus more on my writing and original stuff.  If you need to get in contact please pm me I will answer.  If there any problems with photos I hope to have that fixed in the next few weeks.  But i have lots of photos that need to find a new hosting site.  Have a great day.

See you in 2019,

My Sweet CJ

Tonight round 10:50 pm will mark a week since I lost my sweet Cj very unexpectly.  Cj was my cat. Where Tiger was our family cat.  Ray  came by Cj.  Cj picked me to love her.  I was the first person she trusted.  Watching her sneak around the corner of our garage to get some cat food at a very young age.  She was a sweet heart.  A true lover and one who was so grateful for our love.  I miss her very much.  I just want my cat back.    I promise her I will take care of Spike, Bubba and Chip for her.  Spike  misses her and Ray.  I really can't lose  another cat.  Two in two months.

Cj got sick the day before Thanksgiving,  she wasn't able to use her hind legs.  She was having seizures and I don't know if she fell out of the window and hit her head.  I just know I came home from shopping to find her trying to breath and hang on but she didn't make it.

I'm grateful that we got to have mommy and me time earlier that day which was me holding her for a hour at least as I rubbed her.  I can remember her sweet kisses she gave me as I held her.   The second Sherlock Holmes movie will bring good memeries of our last mommy and me time at bedtime where I held for the whole movie and rubbed as you relaxed in my arms. The sweet kisses you gave me.

I will miss your sweet kisses, your little love bites.  You will always be my little snapping turtle. I'll miss those goreous green eyes of yours.  You sweet little snore you had. I'll just miss seeing you every day. Even how tought this last month had been I would have changed anything for it.  I will always carry you very close to my heart.    At least your not alone.  You have Tiger to show you the ropes and Ray has her mom.

I just taken me this long to post cause it been that hard on me.  Tiger death was hard and Ray's was too but Cj was my cat.  So was Ray but I wouldn't had Ray if wasn't for Cj.  I'm thankful for Cj choosing me and bring her little girls in to my life.  I know she watching out for her girls as I watch out for them here.

I miss my Sweet Angel of Momma and my little snapping turtle.  Love you Pretty Momma.  I wish I could have you back in my arms.

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My Mystery Man

Title: My Mystery Man
Pairing: J2
Rating: PG-13
Word Count:7,364
Summary: One magical night at masked Halloween party Jensen finds Mr. Right. Only to find himself pregnant and unable to find the father. Until a class assignment with another school brings the father of is child back in to his life.
A/N: Thanks to zelda_addict taking the time to beta during her busy schedule. Comments are welcome and anything to help improve my writing.  Please enjoy and have a great Halloween.

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Blue_diamond01  I hope this is what you were hoping for.

Have  a Happy Halloween

Rest Peace My Little Ray of Sunshine

I lost one of my cats very unexpected tonight.  She was only six.  I have had her since birth.  I remember that Thursday night when I found out Cj had all her girls.  Two black and Two gray tabbies just like their mom.  Ray was a ball of engery.  She didn't like being told what to do.  I already miss her.  I miss her little bandgo as she picked at the door.  Her peeking around the corner to see what I'm doing as she stands on her back legs.  I miss her.  Won't lie it rattle me,  I just wonder if her sisters okay.  Even that the seem fine but it just rattle me.  I'm happy to know her uncle tig is waiting for her.  She not alone.  I'm just hanging out with her mom.  Her sisters have each other.  I know she will be watching over her sisters. 

March 5,2009 - October 10.2015
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